Growing Up

Cohen got a bike for his 5th birthday back in October and LOVED it. He didn’t want to leave the training wheels on for long and with a little encouragement (ie. suck it up kid, you’re gonna learn) from his dad, I came home from work yesterday to this…

I was really excited for him…yet, had a tugging at my heartstrings at the same time. I mean, this seems like such a big milestone. He’s no longer a little kid, but a boy…a boy who could hop on his bike and ride away without any help. Next he’ll be going to kindergarten and loosing teeth. So fun and heart wrenching all at the same time.

SO proud of all your efforts, Cohen. It just takes practice!


Only 25 days until Christmas! I can hardly wait!! Here’s our November recap.

Cohen got to bring home their class pet, Brownie. He immediately introduced him to his own dog, Oscar.

It got below 50 here so Christian made me happy by building our first fire of the season.

Christian and I were able to attend the boys Thanksgiving Feast at Preschool. Cohen was a turkey and Keegan was an Indian.

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October Recap

Whew! Our October was BUSY!! I had good intentions of posting as the month went along, but that obviously never happened. I finally made the time to sit down and sort through the 1100+ pictures I took this month so I could share some of them with you!

We started the month with a visit from my dad and Malinda. They came to watch Cohen play t-ball and my dad celebrated his birthday while they were here. I’d say his cake was a pin-win, if you know what I mean.

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Cohen is FIVE!

I really can’t believe that Cohen turns 5 today! I couldn’t have ever imagined five years ago how much my life would change and how much I could love this precious boy. God has blessed me with the most incredible gift. Cohen is so smart and funny and constantly keeps me on my toes. He is well mannered and cares so much about others. He loves baseball and is still convinced he will be a baseball player when he grows up. He is a great helper. He has crazy hair that likes to stand on end. He loves to watch Super Why. He is my daily joy and I am so proud to call him my son.

A look back over the last five years…

Happy Birthday, Cohen! I love you more than you can ever know!


We’ve had lots going on since I blogged last (almost 3 months ago!). Here’s a (somewhat) quick snapshot of what we’ve been up to…

Silliness, of course. If this boy is in the house there is bound to be some silliness going on!

The boys pretending they are super heros protecting me from the bad guys…

We actually had a picture taken as a family! Wish this happened more often!

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